Future TV

Future TV, apparently our TV’s are getting smarter by connecting them to the internet so we can watch cat videos on Youtube.  The real leap forward is the ability to break our dependance on the set top box and the programmers EPG view of when we should watch our favourite […]

Smart Car

While overseas recently I had the opportunity to hire a car for two days to explore the south of France.  By shear coincidence I was staying next to an outlet that had the Daimler Chrysler Smart Car. At first glance this small pug like vehicle looks more at home in […]


From Wikipedia – QRIO (“Quest for cuRIOsity”, originally named Sony Dream Robot or SDR) was to be a bipedal humanoid entertainment robot developed and marketed (but never sold) by Sony to follow up on the success of its AIBO toy. QRIO stood approximately 0.6 m (2 feet) tall and weighed […]

Interface Shift

From science fiction to reality?  The next big thing according to Mr Bill Gates and others is the shift to a more “natural user interface”  The demise of the mouse and keyboard are within the next digital decade according to Gates recent speech at CES 2008    The use of highly […]