The Perfect Device

Many road warriors have dreamed about the ultimate device that combines all the best features of a diary, phone, media player, computer, GPS camera and a battery that lasts for days.   One can but dream. Generally we resign ourselves to more than one device because of the compromises that must […]

Mobile TV old style

There is a lot of debate about digital mobile television in Australia at the moment and who will bid on the upcoming spectrum being auctioned later this year.   What types of services will be offered and what effect it will have on the advertising pie, not to mention how mobile […]


Now that the initial launch hype has calmed what are the punters saying about the iPhone. While initial sales were below analyst predictions a  respectable 270K units were sold in 30 hours to from launch to the end of Apples third qtr.  That has now translated to 1 million units […]

Something in my pocket

I recently purchased the new Nokia mobile device N95.  Notice I didnt use the word phone. The N95 is a multimedia origami device,  Digital camera ( 5 mega pixel), computer,  a GPS unit,  photo, music and video player and oh yes you can also make phone calls via voice and […]