The Australian Government has recently released its Convergence review report. The paper sets out a possible future framework for adapting media regulations and managing community objectives in the digital age. This sounds simple when you say it quickly, but as the report shows we have a myriad of public […]

Project E-Book

The humble paperback is undergoing a slow evolution, but will the e-book reader become the next must have device like an iPod or mobile phone? Do the demographics of book readers match those of the new tech savvy digital consumers? This is the question that many publishers and retailers are […]


While traditional IPTV continues to stall in Australia due to the limitations of our broadband infrastructure, the casual use of content distribution services continues to explode.  Loosely referred to as internet TV. Australians per capita are one of the highest users of peer to peer services like BitTorrent.  This peer […]

Pod, Mod, Mob & Mash

The mantra is to provide a range of content on a variety of platforms, to extend reach, brand and perhaps revenues. While the current trends show an increasing appetite for short and increasingly long form content on mobile handsets,  and i-pods it remans difficult to extract revenue from these enhancements […]

We Like to Watch

So if someone told you in 1999 that the top rating TV show for almost seven years would be a program where people sit around a house and are filmed doing nothing and talking shit, what would you say? Well that’s the format of the reality show Big Brother, which […]