AU Broadcast & Media Reform Package

The Australian Government today announced a comprehensive package of Media reforms to support Australia’s broadcast sector. Abolishing broadcasting licence fees and datacasting charges. Applying a fee for the spectrum that broadcasters use at a level more reflective of the current media landscape. Further restrictions on gambling advertising in live sporting […]

Media Reform

Can Print Media Adapt to Digital

Newspapers and Magazines are currently under considerable threat from the disruption of digital publishing and the shift in consumer consumption habits. The big publishers in Australia, News Limited and Fairfax have just briefed analysts that they have a plan to “Evolve” their current businesses to meet the demands of the […]

Future TV

Future TV, apparently our TV’s are getting smarter by connecting them to the internet so we can watch cat videos on Youtube.  The real leap forward is the ability to break our dependance on the set top box and the programmers EPG view of when we should watch our favourite […]


The Australian Government has recently released its Convergence review report. The paper sets out a possible future framework for adapting media regulations and managing community objectives in the digital age. This sounds simple when you say it quickly, but as the report shows we have a myriad of public […]